Strategic Plan

1. Vision

We ought to achieve the highest level of science production among the neurology research centers through the potential talents of faculty members in the center.

2. Mission

2.1. Training and empowering researchers in neurological disorders

2.2. Doing bench studies on neurological disorders

2.3. Doing comprehensive epidemiological studies on neurological disorders

2.4. Doing clinical studies (both descriptive-interventional and randomized-controlled) on degenerative cerebral and cerebrovascular disorders

2.5. Cooperating with other domestic and international research centers

3. values

3.1. Observing the Islamic Republic regulations and standards

3.2. Honoring high human values

3.3. Observing professional ethics

3.4. Respecting research population’s rights

3.5. Observing animals’ right in research

4. Stockholders

4.1. Patients

4.2. Specialists in neurology, neurosurgery, neuroscience, physical sciences and psychiatry

4.3. Iranian Neuroscience Society

4.4. Students and residents

4.5. Researchers

4.6. University faculty members

4.7. Shiraz University of Medical Sciences

4.8. Ministry of Health and Treatment

5. Internal Factors

5.1. Faculty members of the center and the university

5.2. Center equipment

5.3. Facilities and budget

5.4. Laboratory and physical space

5.5. Research fields

5.6. Research centers affiliated to the university

5.7. Interaction with the office of vice chancellor for research

6. External factors

6.1. Other research centers

6.2. Regional colleges and universities

6.3. Culture of the society

7. Strengths

7.1. Highly competent faculty members

7.2. Proper and extensive research field

7.3. Maturation of clinical research in Iran

7.4. Proper interaction with the office of vice-chancellor for research

7.5. Proper interaction with international scientific research centers

7.6. Use of animal laboratory

7.7. Managerial experience of the founding members

8. Weaknesses

8.1. Shortage of equipment

8.2. Lack of approved budget

8.3. Shortage of physical and laboratory space

8.4. Some faculty members’ hiring by other research centers

8.5. Poor research motivation

8.6. Poor, close link between teaching and research

8.7. Poor link between industry and relevant medical equipment

9. Opportunities

Chance of inter-university cooperation between Shiraz University of Medical Sciences and satellite colleges and country’s southern universities

10. Threats

High incidence of degenerative cerebral and cerebrovascular disorders in Iran

11. (...)

11.1. Stressing the quality of research

11.2. Drawing the cooperation and participation of researchers in the field of interest

11.3. Interaction with industry (companies and medical equipment manufacturers

11.4. Internal and external organizational collaboration

11.5. Customer orientation

11.6. Cross-border research interaction

11.7. Monitoring, supervision and evaluation

Clinical Neurology Research Center, Shiraz University of Medical
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